FERAHEME has flexible dosing for your patients

FERAHEME flexible scheduling gives your patients the freedom to receive the iron they need as early as 3 days apart1



(510 MG EACH)

3-8 DAYS



Dilute full contents of vial (17 mL) in 50 mL to 200 mL of:

  • 0.9% NaCl, or 
  • 5% dextrose


Once diluted, FERAHEME should be used immediately, but may be stored:

  • At controlled RT at 68°F to 77°F (25°C±2°C) for up to 4 hours
  • Refrigerated at 36°F to 46°F (2ºC-8ºC) for up to 48 hours


  • FERAHEME comes in single-dose vials (510 mg elemental iron in 17 mL)
  • Administer as an IV infusion over at least 15 minutes when the patient is in a reclined or semi-reclined position
  • Closely observe patients for signs or symptoms of hypersensitivity reactions, including monitoring of blood pressure and pulse, for at least 30 minutes following FERAHEME iron infusion and until clinically stable
  • Allow at least 30 minutes between administration of FERAHEME and other medications that could potentially cause serious hypersensitivity reactions and/or hypotension, such as chemotherapeutic agents or monoclonal antibodies
  • For patients on hemodialysis, administer after at least 1 hour of hemodialysis and stabilization of blood pressure
  • The recommended FERAHEME dose may be readministered to patients with persistent or recurrent iron deficiency anemia
  • Discard unused portion of vial


  • Evaluate the hematologic response (Hgb, ferritin, iron, and TSAT) at least 1 month following the second FERAHEME infusion

FERAHEME does not require pretreatment
or a test dose prior to use 

Select Important Safety Information: FERAHEME is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to FERAHEME or any of its components or a history of allergic reaction to any intravenous iron product.

Hgb=hemoglobin; NaCl=sodium chloride; RT=room temperature; TSAT=transferrin saturation.

MR imaging

Download a letter to provide radiology departments information on how to adjust the MR imaging equipment for patients who have had a recent FERAHEME infusion within the last 3 months

  • FERAHEME is a superparamagnetic iron oxide that may temporarily affect MR imaging1
  • FERAHEME is not contraindicated with MR imaging1
  • Inform radiologists if a patient requires MR imaging following treatment with FERAHEME so that they can modify their approach if needed

If MR imaging is required within 3 months1:

  • Use T1- or proton density-weighted MR pulse sequences to minimize the FERAHEME effects
  • MR imaging using T2-weighted pulse sequences should not be performed earlier than 4 weeks after the administration of FERAHEME
  • Maximum alteration of vascular MR imaging is anticipated to be evident for 1-2 days following FERAHEME administration

MR=magnetic resonance.